No longer just the Gen Z app for viral dance videos, TikTok has become a powerful way for brands to get discovered and grow. But adopting a new marketing platform (especially one as wild as TikTok) can feel completely overwhelming: what type of content will resonate? How do brands grow a community & monetize on Tiktok?
That's exactly what TikTok for Brands will teach you!

You can't afford to ignore tiktok if you want to grow your brand on social media

is the time right to get on tiktok?

TikTok for Brands

TikTok for brands will help you:

How to do it all with less stress & overwhelm

Find and work with the best Content Creators

Tap into the power of UGC for marketing

Create brand content for TikTok that hits

Start and grow a brand account strategically

Get into the mindset of TikTok culture

be the first to know when it launches!

With over 25 years combined experience, Erin is the content creation and influencer strategist, Karly is the digital ads and SEO pro and Rachel is the branding and content marketing expert. Each founder runs a successful business that supports brands, influencers and creators.  

Three entrepreneurs who are expert content creators and marketers and we want to help you grow your business on TikTok.

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