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In 2023, brand-created social content is lacking the same performance and results that it used to.
If you’re anything like most businesses, lately, posting on social media can often land with a big THUD. 

Oh the glory days of Instagram. A brand would post a photo and get comments, likes and, ahem SALES. 

Did you know that UGC (or user-generated content) is changing the content game for many brands, leading to higher sales?

What if we told you that you can 6x your reach, get 10x likes and 8x engagement on your content?

UGC Creators are one of the best ways to get real results on both your organic social media AND paid social media (yes, we mean ads!)



What if you could tap into unlimited content that sells?

You KNOW your product, service or offer can serve the community you’ve built online, but reaching them has become SO much harder. 

If you’re a brand, implementing a strong UGC program is the most important part of a killer marketing strategy, and will be the best way to bring the attention back to where it belongs: your amazing product! 

Working with UGC creators is the answer, and we'll show you how!

if want to get more ROI on social media, UGC is going to increase your engagement, community and sales.

are you ready?



The Ultimate UGC Training & Toolkit for Brands

Collab with Creators: How to build your *first* successful user-generated content campaign.

Collab with Creators:
How to build your *first* successful user-generated content campaign.

Find, hire and succeed with UGC creators to build your content plan that delivers a real ROI with UGC Marketing. It’s time to tap into UGC Creators to grow your business and outperform your own content.

Create, succeed and scale your UGC marketing programs


There IS a formula to achieving these results, and UGC for Brands is THE resource that will give you a step-by-step training on how to do it for YOUR brand!

Consistent flow of creative content

Increased Website Traffic & More Sales

Raving Fans & Brand Loyalty

Higher Engagement

Lower Ads Costs & Better ROI

More Views & Faster Growth


Creating your own content is time consuming and you don’t have the time or budget to hire a full time content creator.

The amount of content you need to stand out on social media and for paid ads is overwhelming. 

Business is a numbers game, and sales start with more visibility. Sometimes, only 10% or LESS of your following sees the amazing content your brand posts on social media - and for the amount of work that goes into it, it can really feel like it’s NOT paying off. The frustration is real! 

We’ve got the secret weapon to increase reach, engagement, community and SALES… UGC! User-Generated Content is blowing up, and for good reason. 


When people see others similar to them sharing their thoughts on a particular item or service, people automatically listen up.
This is what people often seek to make purchasing decisions. 

Mentions of your brand on social media act as reviews.
In some cases, people will go to your social media channels to research first before visiting your website.


UGC looks like what real users are posting so it blends in easily and provides a better experience for users.
It’s way less interruptive than regular ads or sponsored content from a brand.


why does ugc work?

- Nosto

79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

- TikTok Marketplace Report, 2023

3 out 4 viewers say that the messages in content creator videos are believable.

the facts

RECENT STATS from content a content program we manage:

UGC vs. Brand created content resulted in 6x the reach, 10x likes, 8x engagement. And this isn’t a one-off result. Every marketing expert will tell you that UGC style content is the key to getting people to take action on your content. SERIOUSLY.

UGC Creators are one of the best ways to fill your marketing strategy with the content you need. UGC is the kind of content that DELIVERS RESULTS! 💪🏽

How can I work with UGC Creators on MY budget?

Can UGC Creators actually make the content that feels on brand while working in tandem with my marketing strategy?

What kind of content converts on social media in 2023?

Is there a reason I don’t see any reach on my social media posts? 

Why aren’t my ads performing even close to what they used to?

you've probably asked yourself

..… we’re spilling all the tea and SO much more.

what's included

the video training


Research is always the first step in launching your UGC campaigns because giving research the time it deserves will absolutely set you up for success. We’re going to focus on two different types of research in this lesson: finding UGC creators that are a good fit for your brand + finding UGC content types that work well for your industry.



The best UGC campaigns start with planning. Overlooking the planning makes everything harder - and yes, we know because we’ve been there. Each step of this planning process takes some set up, but it will then be plug and play every time you need it. in this lessons we'll cover setting your campaign goals, budget and usage rights.



In this module, we'll guide you through the steps of preparing your UGC campaign. We'll show you how to craft a UGC brief that will help you communicate your vision to UGCCs, and how to outline the specific deliverables you want from them. We'll cover what to include in your contracts, and how to ensure that your campaign is on-brand and meets your goals.



All the research and planning you’ve gone has gotten to you this point where it’s time to start reaching out to UGCCs and finding the perfect fit creators for your campaigns! In this lesson we'll cover how to communicate with UGCCs, negotiation tips to keep in mind, and best practices for ensuring the UGC experience is a good one for both you and the creator.



This is the exciting part! All of your planning has paid off and this is where your UGC campaign officially kicks off! In this lesson we’ll cover what to do with the deliverables you receive, how to file and organize the UGC assets so you can easily find them when you need them, and how to conduct a campaign debrief so you’re better prepared for the next UGC campaign you run!


Use the mood board template to curate images, colors, and textures that capture the essence of your brand, and the storyboard shot list template to map out the key shots you want to capture in your UGC campaign.

With the Mood Board and Storyboard templates, you'll be able to communicate your vision to UGC creators in a fun and engaging way, all while keeping the planning process simple and stress-free.

Mood board and storyboard shot list templates

This Canva template is designed to help you create a brand brief that outlines your campaign goals and deliverables, making it easy for you to communicate your vision to UGC creators.

With this template, you'll be able to clearly explain the key features and benefits of your product or service, allowing UGC creators to showcase your brand in the best possible light. Plus, the professional design will make you look like a total pro! Say goodbye to confusion and hello to amazing UGC content with our UGC Creative Brand Brief Template.

ugc creative brand brief template

This step-by-step guide will take you through the entire process of planning a successful UGC campaign, from researching ideas to executing your strategy. You'll learn how to find UGC creators, set your campaign goals, when to reach out, what emails to send, and more.

The Plan Your Campaign Guidebook also includes insider tips for maximizing the impact of your UGC campaign. You'll have everything you need to create a successful UGC campaign and take your brand to the next level!

Plan your campaign guidebook

the toolkit

The UGC Research & Campaign Tracker is the ultimate tool for managing your UGC campaigns. We've taken the Google Docs spreadsheet we use to track our own campaigns and made it even better, so you can keep track of everything about your campaigns all in one place.

Stop wasting time switching between multiple spreadsheets and documents, and start streamlining your UGC campaign planning with the UGC Research & Campaign Tracker.

ugc research & Campaign tracker

We've included email templates for every stage of the communication process, from the initial outreach to the final thank you email. These templates are designed to help you build a strong relationship with your UGCCs, while also keeping the communication process simple and straightforward.

And the best part? They're fully customizable, so you can tailor them to your specific needs and brand voice.

Email Templates

Want to take your UGC campaigns to the next level? We've got you! In this bonus lesson we'll cover using paid traffic to supercharge your UGC content.

We'll share why UGC-style content is working so well for paid traffic right now, and give examples successful UGC-style ads to inspire your own campaigns. Then we'll dig into the metrics you need to measure for successful campaigns.

We'll also share our top UGC ads best practices, so you can make sure your campaigns are as effective as possible!

Getting started with UGC ads BONUS lesson

Have a step-by-step plan to execute your successful UGC campaign with ease

Have the tried and tested templates we use to email UGC Creators under different scenarios

The exact process including each phase of the process from research to execution

Understand the difference using UGC for organic traffic and paid traffic and how to strategize for both

The exact type of UGC that is working right now and will convert to more reach and sales

Understand the ways to work within your budget, finding the best UGC Creators in the process

The formula to strong UGC Ads that provide a huge ROI

By the End of This Training You Will:

Get Instant Access to the Full Online Training & Toolkit


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With over 20 years combined experience, Erin is the content creation and influencer strategist and Karly is the digital ads and SEO pro. Both founders run a successful business that supports brands, influencers and creators.  

Two successful marketing entrepreneurs have come together to teach marketing techniques that work - without the hype.

Hi, we're mila

MEET YOUR instructors

Erin is a digital content creation strategist and influencer so she has been on both sides of the table.

Erin has managed many Influencer and Content Creator programs with her successful marketing biz and has grown brands from 1K to 200K+ Instagram followers.

As an Influencer, she has been sponsored by and created content for brands like IKEA, L’Oreal, KIND, Saje, SO Delicious, Caudalie and more.

Karly is a digital marketing specialist and Founder of Influence Media.

She works with small to medium sized businesses in the fashion, lifestyle, wellness and beauty industry to grow and scale them using effective Instagram, TikTok & Google Ads, SEO, email marketing (like this one!) and content marketing.

Karly offers online education in Paid Media and has provided training sessions to Jillian Harris’ team.  

brands we've worked with

 - Mindy, Team Jillian Harris

"Karly is an exceptional teacher! She is very detailed in her lessons and holds space for questions in addition to providing more context when needed. Karly knows her stuff and is a pleasure to learn from!"

- Taryn Herritt, The Atelier Collective 

"Incredibly valuable training from a deeply knowledgeable source, Karly overdelivered and enabled our team to start executing right after our training session! Highly recommend!"

- Nick Lewis, @nicktalksdesign

"Erin is a trustworthy marketing expert that always knows what's happening in the industry because she is both a successful content creator herself, and an in-demand marketing expert who has worked with top notch brands doing some of the most creative work in social media."

- Tara o'kelly, @tokbeauty

"When TikTok started to become popular, Erin encouraged me to join and have some fun with it. I put it off for months because I didn’t think my target audience (women age 30+) would be on the app.

Erin ensured my target audience was on the app and encouraged me to just be myself. I posted an authentic and heartfelt post to a popular creator on TikTok, and the post went viral! My following grew by thousands overnight and I have brand new fans and customers. I didn’t have to do fancy dancing or editing, I was just was being myself."

What our clients say

No, this training is designed to teach you how to hire UGC creators to work for your brand. It doesn't cover how to create UGC and isn't meant to be a course for those wanting to become UGC creators.

I want to learn how to create my own ugc, is this for me?


Absolutely! No matter what industry or niche, you will learn how to plan and run a successful UGC campaign by hiring the right creators, staying within budget and getting the best deliverables.

is this course applicable to any niche?


You'll have full access to the video training for as long as we keep offering it. It's self-paced to allow you to complete & implement on your own time. Plus, keep the toolkit templates & downloads for life!

how long do I get access to the course and bonuses for?


your questions

We've designed this UGC bundle for busy entrepreneurs who don't have time for fluff! The training videos are short and to the point, the Plan Your Campaign Guidebook walks you through the process step-by-step and easy to implement, and you'll have all the templates to use to speed up your workflow.

How long do I need to complete the Training?


If you've run a few campaigns in the past, but you didn't get back the creative assets you were expecting or if you were frustrated by trying to find creators, how hard the communication process felt, then this training & toolkit can help! We share our tried & tested methods and templates with you.

I've already run UGC campaigns, is this still valuable for me?


The potential ROI when you start implementing a consistent UGC strategy is huge! Brands we've worked with are seeing great results on their campaigns, and we're teaching you to do the same. Plus, you'll know exactly what to ask for to ensure you get back usable deliverables!

What kind of roi can I expect from the Training & Toolkit?


You may feel like you're ready to hire UGC creators to help you market your business.

Problem is, you're feeling overwhelmed with where to start and how to ensure you get back quality content.

The time is now

That's where we come in! With years of industry experience, we've taken the exact strategies and processes we've used for our own brands and for clients and distilled them into an easy-to-follow system that takes all the stress and overwhelm out of running successful UGC campaigns! You'll have everything you need, straight from our marketing playbook!

ready to reach new audiences & level up your business?

Get Instant Access to the Full Online Training & Toolkit


one-time payment of

Yes, I'm in!

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14 Day No Risk Guarantee

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you find that the course isn't right for you, email us with your refund request. As long as it's within the 14 day grace period, we'll give you your money back.

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