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In 2023, you sat on the sidelines seeing other brands, creators and influencers blow up wondering “is this possible for me? Can I grow a community on TikTok?”

And the answer is YES.

Stick with us because this is gonna be good.

Even if you think TikTok may only be for Gen Zs or cheesy dancing videos, brands that have taken the leap are selling and growing their business on TikTok.  And we can help you do that too!

2024 is here and it's time for a fresh marketing strategy that includes TikTok!

We can hear it now…*GROAN*


Oh and people aren’t just on TikTok to hang. They’re there to BUY.

But TikTok is growing at an exceptional rate with over 1 Billion Monthly Active users. So if you think your audience isn’t on TikTok, they are!


TikTok is a place where people go to be entertained, find information, learn and discover new trends. Doesn’t that sound like a place you want in on?! 

TikTok consumers spent more than $535 Million in one quarter in 2021. There’s a reason that the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit is always trending! So if you’re not on TikTok, you’re leaving money on the table! 


are you ready?

the course
the course

tiktok brands


A self-paced, online course packed with all the info you need to know about harnessing the brand-building power of TikTok to grow your business!


Learn to use TikTok as a brand and business owner, not just an Influencer or Content Creator. Set goals that align with your business growth and create a strategic plan for your content.

Future-proof your business and stay on top of changing social media marketing trends by understanding the fundamentals of creating short-form video that connects with your audience.

Ditch the overwhelm & analysis paralysis and skip to the part where you create content that feels good to you and helps you build a true community around your brand.

with our full framework for using TikTok to reach your target audience including foundation, formulas, hacks, tutorials, and tried & true methods for growth.

We're taking the mystery out of using tiktok as a business owner

want the tiktok tea?


“MILA Media Co.'s TikTok course was so helpful to helping us understand the ins-and-outs of the platform, how to best utilize it from our clean beauty brand, and put our ideas into action that speak to our ideal demographic.

It's so well done, easy to follow and drives results.

Erin, Karly and Rachel are so knowledgeable with current wisdom and support that's valuable to any brand or business. Highly recommend it!”

- Alysha, Ecole Chocolat

"The course was a fantastic learning experience. It was the perfect blend of marketing strategy and tangible how-tos that I was able to put into practice right away to make our content on TikTok more effective at reaching and engaging our ideal audience.

The course materials included digestible video modules, and helpful downloads, and I loved the mastermind conversations to learn from Erin, Karly and Rachel in person, as well as hear from other business owners. They are so knowledgeable, engaging and supportive.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to create a presence for their brand on TikTok!

- Amanda, Founder, Waffle & Co. 

“I really loved how digestible the information in the course was. It was not overwhelming but had a ton of takeaways.

As someone with little to no TikTok experience, as well as a person who never used TikTok for personal enjoyment, it really opened my eyes to the opportunities available to businesses within the app.

Karly, Erin and Rachel are powerhouses in their respective fields and did not hold back when it came to giving advice and empowering their students.” 

- Jenny Pettitt, Founder Jenny Joans Clothing

“These ladies definitely know what-is-what when it comes to social media marketing! 

This program is chock full of useful info and hot tips that no one tells you about when you are fumbling your way through learning a new app!

I really enjoyed this class, and took away so much knowledge that I have put to good, practical use.

I especially appreciated their personal coaching sessions. The Mila Media course has made navigating my way through TikTok fun and manageable!” 

- Claudine, Founder, Hello Sunday

“I really enjoyed this course, especially the live group chats. I liked the way the course was laid out and that I could do it at my own pace.

Their feedback and suggestions for what to improve on was like gold.

They really make you feel empowered to get on TT and just do it! Their knowledge is truly unmatched.”

Student Success

How do I even start?

We've got your back! The course will take you step-by-step through setting up your account, how to create and edit TikToks + teach you the strategies we use to come up with endless content ideas.

Creators who tap into authentic + valuable content for their audience can thrive on TikTok. It's not about being cool. It's about connecting with your community, and we'll show you how.

I'm too old/not cool enough.

Would getting your business in front of a new audience be worth it to you? TikTok is becoming the app of choice for discovering new brands, and if your brand isn't on there, you're missing out.

Is TikTok even worth the hype?

if you've had any of these thoughts, you're not alone:

If you're a solopreneur or have a small but mighty team, this course is for you! There’s no fluff, because nobody has time for that! Especially when starting out (or trying to grow) on a new platform.

Whether you're a beginner just starting out, or you're on TikTok already but have no clear strategy, we know that learning a new marketing platform is daunting.

We get it. TikTok is the new kid on the block and not everyone is welcoming it with open arms! It’s really out of your IG comfort zone!

Instagram is your safe space where you feel comfortable and have invested so much time and energy building something special. Fear not, you don’t have to abandon your IG community and you can bring TikTok into your marketing fold.

Don't snooze on learning short-form video skills. Now's the time to future-proof your business.

know how to generate leads and drive sales through tiktok

use seo strategies to get your account and posts discovered in search

understanding the best types of content to post based on your biz goals

know the strategies to help you go viral and what to do next if that happens

have a step-by-step plan for filming, posting, writing captions and using hashtags

Understand the culture of tiktok and how to tap into the power of the FYP

confidently know your way around the app so you can film and edit with ease

get over your fears of showing up and into the right mindset to create

By the end of this course
you will

what's included

5 video modules + Course workbook


The biggest thing that holds us back from reaching new levels in our business and really showing up online is… our thoughts and mindset! Your mindset matters so we’re going to address it head on. 
By the end, you’ll feel more confident and open to learning the skills you need to master short form video. You’ll be unstoppable in your business!

Modern Marketing Mindset 


Understanding the culture on TikTok is key to building a strong strategy! 
We’ll share exactly how to train the algorithm, set up your account to maximize views, conversions & follows and what kind of content performs the best.
By the end of Module 2, you’ll understand how the TT algorithm works, buyer behavior and how to discover and attract new potential customers and create more brand loyalists. 

Getting Started on TikTok


We cover best practices for optimizing your TikTok profile and how to utilize hashtags, playlists and pinned videos to encourage engagement. We delve into TikTok SEO and cover all the SEO elements.

By the end of this module, you’ll know how to get more traffic to your account & posts using TikTok SEO. You’ll feel confident searching for what's trending & popular to develop your own content strategy and to optimize your captions and posts to get discovered. 

Strategy & Optimization






We break down the video formats and types of content that will help you develop a content strategy that aligns with your goals.
Plus, we'll show you how to plan out video content using our bonus Content Calendar Template and unveil the foundation for creating and posting with purpose. You’ll  also get an understanding of TikTok Analytics to track performance. One of the biggest takeaways will be how to create viral TikToks and how to capitalize on these viral moments capturing leads and sales. 

Content that Connects






This module is really the core of how to make engaging TikToks and is what the other 4 modules were building towards.
We are teaching you how to plan and conceptualize TikToks to make the content creation process as seamless as possible.
You’ll get our pro video framework and step-by-step tutorials to teach you how to film, edit, set up, and plan your TikTok video content!

Filming & Editing TikToks


valued at $297

This is the tool we use to plan, film and edit video content for our own brands and we're sharing it with you. You'll get the complete Video Production Planning system - including a detailed training on how to use it. We break down our process and give you our best time-saving tips when it comes to content creation.


valued at $297

You'll get everything you need to take your content creation to the next level. From HOT VIDEO HOOKS to include in your videos, to the VIRAL VIDEO CHECKLIST that'll help you get more eyeballs on your posts, to our PRO VIDEO FRAME WORK, a customizable CONTENT CALENDAR TEMPLATE and VIDEO RECIPES  that break down how to shoot common video concepts step-by-step.

Video Scripts, Content Calendar & Viral checklists

valued at $497

Watch the replays of group coaching sessions where we answer common questions, dig into TikTok and Instagram news, and share the behind-the-scenes strategy of what we're using at MILA Media Co. to grow our socials and our business. Get a pen and paper ready, there are so many good nuggets in these coaching call replays!

Group Coaching Replays

plus bonuses


Want to tap into the power of User Generated Content for your brand but not sure how to get started? In the bonus training: UGC for Brands Masterclass, we'll give you the inside scoop on how to find creators that are a good fit, exactly what deliverables you need to ask for, and how much you should expect to pay. PLUS, you'll get these bonus templates: Outreach to Creator Email Template, Brand Content Creation Brief Template, and the  UGC Content Creator Planner.

Masterclass: Learn how to hire content creators

Get Instant Access to the Full Online Course
+ $1488 Worth of Bonuses


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Are you ready to unlock the power of tiktok?

$997 save $700

Get Instant Access to the Full Online Course
+ $1488 Worth of Bonuses


payment plan

Break it Up

three monthly payments of only

We're here to make your journey in modern marketing easier. It's not about quick fixes, hacks, or one viral video. It's about learning the skills you need to build a sustainable and profitable business. We've helped hundreds of brands and women entrepreneurs increase revenue and sell more confidently online.

Two successful marketing entrepreneurs have come together to teach marketing techniques that work - without the hype.

Hi, we're mila

MEET YOUR instructors

Erin is a digital content creation strategist and influencer so she has been on both sides of the table.

Erin has managed many Influencer and Content Creator programs with her successful marketing biz and has grown brands from 1K to 200K+ Instagram followers.

As an Influencer, she has been sponsored by and created content for brands like IKEA, L’Oreal, KIND, Saje, SO Delicious, Caudalie and more.

Karly is a digital marketing specialist and Founder of Influence Media.

She works with small to medium sized businesses in the fashion, lifestyle, wellness and beauty industry to grow and scale them using effective Instagram, TikTok & Google Ads, SEO, email marketing (like this one!) and content marketing.

Karly offers online education in Paid Media and has provided training sessions to Jillian Harris’ team.  

brands we've worked with

We've heard all the excuses for not getting on TikTok, in fact, we've used them all too! That is until our clients started seeing real results.

Not wanting to be on TikTok is like saying that you don't want your business to show up on Google search results. 

Where should I invest more resources in my marketing? (Hint: More short-form video)

How do I make my product/service/brand relevant and interesting?

Is organic marketing dead or can I still use social media to reach a new audience?

What’s working in marketing right now? What are other brands doing successfully?

you've probably asked yourself

we're ready to spill the tea on all this and more!

Social media has a huge influence on buyer behavoir. How many products have sold out because of a viral TikTok video? Now, that may not be a strategy to bet on for your brand. But, what we can promise you is that in order to future-proof your business, you have to learn how to connect with consumers through video.

That's exactly what we'll show you how to do!

The strategies and tactics that worked a couple of years ago are not as effective now. Consumers have more information and more choices than ever, which means brand have to work harder to create loyalty & become coveted.

Marketing has changed.

Dear entrepreneur,

a note from your instructors:

Erin & Karly

 - Mindy, Team Jillian Harris

"Karly is an exceptional teacher! She is very detailed in her lessons and holds space for questions in addition to providing more context when needed. Karly knows her stuff and is a pleasure to learn from!"

- Taryn Herritt, The Atelier Collective 

"Incredibly valuable training from a deeply knowledgeable source, Karly overdelivered and enabled our team to start executing right after our training session! Highly recommend!"

- Nick Lewis, @nicktalksdesign

"Erin is a trustworthy marketing expert that always knows what's happening in the industry because she is both a successful content creator herself, and an in-demand marketing expert who has worked with top notch brands doing some of the most creative work in social media.

She understands TikTok and how it works differently than other social media platforms that have come before it and she's wisely advised creators and brands (including myself!) on what works and doesn't work on the platform."

- Tara o'kelly, @tokbeauty

"When TikTok started to become popular, Erin encouraged me to join and have some fun with it. I put it off for months because I didn’t think my target audience (women age 30+) would be on the app.

Erin ensured my target audience was on the app and encouraged me to just be myself. I posted an authentic and heartfelt post to a popular creator on TikTok, and the post went viral! My following grew by thousands overnight and I have brand new fans and customers. I didn’t have to do fancy dancing or editing, I was just was being myself."

What our clients say

While TikTok is the main focus, you’ll also learn essential short-form video creation frameworks and skills. Which will help you in marketing your brand across other channels like IG and YT as well!

Will this course only teach me about tiktok?


Absolutely! No matter what industry or niche, you will learn how to create engaging short-form video content from the idea phase, to filming and editing to posting community building content.

is this course applicable to any niche?


You'll have full access to the course for as long as we keep offering it. It's self-paced to allow you to complete it when you're able to absorb and apply the information. Plus, keep the bonus downloads for life!

how long do I get access to the course and bonuses for?


your questions

We've designed this for busy entrepreneurs who don't have time for fluff! You'll also have bonus material to review so it depends on whether you want to enjoy a module per day to become a  TikTok pro in about a week or get it done and binge-watch it all in a day. Whatever your style... do it your way!

How long do I need to complete the course?


If you're active on TikTok and are not seeing growth in your following or an increase in sales, then yes, this course is for you! We're sharing how to plan, create and post strategically. Plus, we're teaching you how to make more compelling video content that big brands pay us to create!

I've already been on tiktok, is this course for me?


Instead of thinking of ROI, consider the money you'll save on videographers, content creators, social media managers, ad creative and more, thanks to your new short-form video creation skills! Most brands pay $600+ for ONE TikTok. The course will teach you how to do the same for years to come!

What kind of roi can I expect from the course?


You're a new or established brand that is ready to build your community, grow brand awareness and make sales from TikTok.

You're an entrepreneur with a product or service based business that wants to build a presence on TikTok to generate new traffic & leads.

You're responsible for company marketing and need to know what's working in social media right now get your company results.

You're an Influencer who has built a following on IG and you're ready to tap into a new audience on TikTok to increase your income.

You're a Content Creator who wants to learn how to conceptualize, film and edit UGC content for brands on TikTok.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERS: Your clients want more than Instagram and you want to ensure you have the skills to deliver results on TikTok.

TikTok for Brands is perfect for:

Whether you're a coach. creative. course creator, sell digital or physical products. or have a personal brand - you'll learn how to use TikTok to strategically market your products or offers.

It's for the beginner who hasn't started yet, to the novice who has been scrolling and (maybe posting) without a clear strategy in mind.

By the end of this course you'll know exactly how to use TikTok as an effective tool in your marketing!

This course is perfect for you if you want to learn a step-by-step approach to attracting your audience on TikTok

You may feel like you can figure TikTok out by following all the “TikTok Experts’.

Problem is, you're feeling overwhelmed and confused by piecing together their (often conflicting) advice.

your time is now

There is a better way! We've got the tools you need to build an audience and think about your content more strategically. Spend less time scrolling & more time gaining followers and revenue! We've made it easy to understand so you can jump right in and start building your community on TikTok right away!

ready to reach new audiences & level up your business?

Get Instant Access to the Full Online Course
+ $1488 Worth of Bonuses


one-time payment of

Yes, I'm in!

$997 save $700

Get Instant Access to the Full Online Course
+ $1488 Worth of Bonuses


payment plan

Break it Up

three monthly payments of only


14 Day No Risk Guarantee

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you find that the course isn't right for you, email us with your refund request. As long as it's within the 14 day grace period, we'll give you your money back.

Questions? Get in Touch!